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Holden Engineering provides unique auto lifts, including the new Disappearing Lift.  This in ground lift has a lifting height of 70" yet it retracts flush with the floor when not in use; making it perfect for professional shops, racing enthusiasts and upscale homeowners.  By retracting flush with the floor it overcomes problems with regular lifts that are ugly, cumbersome, and space hogs when not in use.

By retracting into a shallow (13 inch) pocket in the floor, the lift takes up no floor space when retracted and provides a clean open floor surface for use with other projects.  Since there are no columns or posts, more lifts can fit into a smaller area, maximizing expensive shop space.  In addition to saving space, the absence of lift posts means you can fully open the doors while the car is on the lift, and not worry about body damage.

The Disappearing Lift, allows easy access to the vehicle and unrestricted placement of light, tool chests, etc.  Unlike floor mounted lifts, the Disappearing Lift has ample open space between the platforms for all service operations from changing transmissions, to replacing the engine pack on front wheel drives, and everything in-between.

***2021 Sale: $3,699 Free Shipping on EE-6503V2
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